More Than Bulls!

We have a few other projects going on at RCC.

Maggie and Shane Started to farrow their own sows in 2013. They grind and mix a ration of corn, soybean, vitamin and mineral mix. Aside from selling a few 4-H show pigs, all the hogs are sold direct to process. Their customers are very happy with product they receive.


Shane started showing market goats in 2014. Then Maggie caught the bug. In 2019 they bought 2 nannies and 3 does. in 2021 Maggie won Reserve breeding goat and Champion heavy weight market goat. Their project continues to grow. Currently they have 8 nannies, kids running everywhere and lots of feeding to do.

We look forward to seeing how these kids do at out next fair.

Planting, Irrigating, Harvesting

For a few years Shane has had 7 acres to experiment with for 4-H. He has done oats, sorghum and milo. He has run various comparisons and had analysis run on his crops. In 2021 he had to opportunity to work with CSU on 9 different varieties of forage sorghum. Some of them did amazingly well! All at Reid Cattle Company are learning from his curiosity.

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