Our Bulls
We breed and raise bulls for the commercial producer. We place a strong emphasis on growth and performance, while keeping milk production at a level suited for our environment. Moderate birthweight is extremely important. Our cows calve outside on their own and we expect them to deliver a live calf without assistance. We strive to raise sound, functional cattle with lots of muscle and fleshing ability, the kind that are profitable year after year.

Charolais Cattle
Charolais have long been known for red meat production. They add extra fleshing ability as well as increased gain per day (pounds of calf at weaning) and feed conversion. Charolais Cattle are docile and easy to handle. They also produce a distinct color of calf. They cannot be mistaken for another breed.

Hereford Cattle
Maggie and Shane began the Polled Hereford program in 2009, each being given a heifer from their great-grandfather Frank Rodgers. He had a very successful program in Idaho and sold bulls across the United States. They continue to build on this base to produce highly efficient, hardy and docile sires and replacement females. They offer 2 year old bulls and bred heifers through Reid Cattle Company’s annual sale.

Our Program
We use Charolais and Limousin bulls in a rotational breeding system with Polled Hereford and Angus. We believe that this combination allows us to create calves for both terminal and maternal situations. The added pounds from this system genetics show up at weaning every year.

Charolais and Limousin bulls provide us with a feeder calf that will perform in a feedlot situation. The cattle we have sent to the feedlot consistently gain 4 plus pounds per day with excellent feed conversion. The cattle consistently grade 75 percent choice or higher. One added benefit of the Charolais feeder cattle is the flexibility in finished weight. The cattle will grade choice whether finishing at 1250 pounds or 1500.

We also keep females from this rotation. The Charolais breed is definitely a compliment to the Angus, Limousin, and Hereford base. We have found that the added fleshing ability and muscle from the Charolais is passed through to the calves. Charolais and Limousin also add value to our cull cows through cutability and extra muscle. When combined with the heartiness of the other breeds these girls are hard to beat.

Shane with his 4-H market steer, Gerry. First in his market class and second overall in the carcass contest at the 2019 Lincoln County Fair.

Shane with his 4-H market steer, Arny. Second in his market class and fourth overall in the carcass contest at the 2019 Lincoln County Fair.

Maggie with her Charolais heifer who was the Overall Breeding Champion at the 2018 Lincoln County Fair.

At the 2018 Lincoln County Fair Maggie won the Crossbred, British and Continental divisions.

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